Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why my hands hurt

Has nothing to do with knitting mother's socks and monkey socks, but those darned webkinz! Yes, I started playing with the pug again (about the same time as the turbo knitting) and it is the mouse action playing the games that make them hurt!

Other sad news, my original sp11 pal had to drop out due to personal reasons :( so sorry I never got to know her. But I've been given a new pal, and so far she sounds great! Howdy to you :)

Today I did not have to teach preschool, we had a fieldtrip, so I was just the mother hen at the back of the bus making sure we didn't lose anyone! The day started out gray and raining, but by the end of the hayride, the sun was out (and my pants were soaked from the wet hay) and the temperature was 60.
Here is our tour guide, Farmer Nate.

The pigs ate his shoelace.


Monkey Pal said...

Never fear, Monkey Pal. Your socks are in progress, and are soft, squishy, beautifully colored, and will be in the mail by the deadline!

LeslieJ said...

oh boy oh boy I can hardly wait!! That is why I started my own pair so now I can have 2 ;)