Wednesday, May 05, 2010


well, I really think this blog is going by-the-by, not much to say and never time to update.

Preschool is winding down, only 7 more classes. so much has happened there since March. I am now the teacher, which is good and bad. I want to be the teacher, but I do not like how it has come about :(. Let's pray for a summer recovery and back to the old team come September.

College art class is winding down, only 1 more to go. Then the fun really starts!!! I am taking 3 accelerated classes from May-July. 2 go-to college classes, and 1 online class, plus throw in observation time and no pool for me!! But then that leaves on 1 class to take in the fall.

I finally finished the GaLinda sweater, and bought yarn for 2 more sweaters, not started as of yet. I did cast on a pair of socks. Just about to turn the heel on sock #1.

See how exciting my life is now?