Friday, July 27, 2007

Headed to the U.P.

We are headed off on a family vacation. I have not done laundry, so no packing has been attempted. I will do laundry today and tomorrow, then pack tomorrow evening.

I do have the following ready in my handy dandy felted tote from BetteM:

newly cast on CF sock
newly cast on Waving Lace sock
newly newly (yes twice, due to mutliple froggings) cast on Jigsaw Lace sock
ipod loaded with podcasts
2 magazines
2 word search books
Hopefully enough to last 1 week of vacation.
Should I take more? Maybe just the panda cotton in case I finish everything?

Update: son #1 did not need surgery, cast for 3 weeks, follow up, x-ray, maybe cast again for 3 weeks; cutting it very close to the start of hockey season. The cast is waterproof (bonus) so he can have some fun on vacation, and we can go back to the pool!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Waving Lace & Bootie

Here is one finished Waving Lace sock from Favorite Socks. I cast off last night (but not before casting on for the Jigsaw sock). The mate is on hold, I like the way the 2 circ's is going for the Jigsaw.

Here is the vintage baby bootie (knit while waiting for Harry Potter book delivery). It is HUGE! What size baby would wear a bootie that is 6" long! I think the yarn sister sent is not the correct one for this pattern (leftovers from a hat). We need to seriously consider making this mate :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Waiting for Harry

Today's the day!!! I am staying home all day waiting for my book to be delivered.

8:00 am - up and waiting for delivery.....
9:00 am - reread last 4 chapters of Half Blood prince....
9:45 - where is that delivery???

11:00 - no book, cast on Vintage Baby Booties for sister's friend

2:00 - BOOK RECEIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Booties 3/4 finished, oh well, set them off to the side,
also received circular needles for the jigsaw sock KAL,
oh well, set them off to the side too!


12:14 A.M. - FINISHED. WOW.

(P.S. Hubby wants book to see if what he read online is true, no way! He'll have to pry it out of my hands, or wait until I'm sleeping)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh My! Gorgeous Gorgeous

I received 2, yes 2, very awesome packages today!!!
The first being from Elizabeth, my upstream partner in the ITE IV. She made a very cute tote in grey and pink; she said she was going to use the Ohio State colors, but changed her mind! She sent me sock yarn, enough for 2 pairs (yea, as I recall I swore off buying any myself as the stash is growing, but gifts don't count), lots of DPN's in a felted case (in sizes I don't have and then an extra pair of 1'), candy (which the boys took), 2 cute patterns (1 for socks, 1 for a tea cozy), a kit to make earrings (I may transform these into stitch markers) and some tea! Phew! Thank you so much for everything!

The second package was from BetteM!
All items for me to take on vacation!
Word searches and candy and cookies and coffee and peanuts and smelly stuff and sock patterns and yarn to dye with kool aid so we can do a scarf KAL and pretty stuff for my hands and feet and a fan (because there is NO a/c in the U.P.) and hockey stickers (for that scrapbooking I never seem to do), and a picture holder. All wrapped up in a GORGEOUS felted tote she made! (I think that is everything)
Thank you so much Bette, you spoil me!

Sock Knitting Detour

Well, we had a detour of sorts yesterday, so knitting was not a priortiy. Son #1 fell off a friend's bike and broke his wrist/hand. This happened Tuesday night after the clinic was closed and I did not want to go to the ER. So yesterday was spent at the Dr's office, then the ER for x-rays and a splint. We have an appt. on Monday with the HAND SURGEON-type person. It seems he broke a small, but very important bone (lateral scaphoid) so we have to see what is going on. Hopefully no surgery will be involved, because you know, hockey starts in 7 weeks (tonight for son #2).

Now for sock news:
BetteM and I are doing our own KAL with the new Favorite Socks book. I am using Lorna's Laces, Color: watercolors; we are making the "Waving Laces" sock. Here is my sock as of last night, I was able to knit a few rows before bed. Then we will both head over to the Jigsaw sockalong and cast on for that!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's all about the socks!

Totes are finished and mailed, so I can concentrate on SOCKS again :)
Here is the first repeat of the Waving Lace sock pattern from Favorite Socks. I'm going to join the KAL, I love all the socks in that book! Plus, I learned/figured out how to read a chart! I know, it doesn't seem that hard, but this was the first time I tried.

Secondly, Carrie B (aka socks in the city) is hosting a KAL for the Jigsaw socks. I have the yarn all picked out (from the stash), just waiting on the needles. This pattern uses 2 circ's, so I get to learn a new way to make socks!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Here is the finished replacement ITE IV tote!! I cast off the I-cord handles at about 1:30. It is drying. My camera is being super funky and will only take blurry pictures! (as is shown here)Ugghh
I will still be able to ship it out on time! YEA

Now, back to the socks!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Look, see what I received in the mail today :)
My Lorna's Laces, color: pine
from The Loopy Ewe
aren't they pretty? and I already have the sock pattern all picked out; something from Nancy Bush's Vintage Socks.

Now for the BARNACLES part:
I finished my tote for the ITE IV a while ago, followed the directions to a tee (even though I had some reservations about them); enlisted the help of a friend to help put the pieces together, and it looks like *&^%&*).

I am frantically trying to knit another tote so that I can mail it out by the deadline next week

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy

It's that time of year again, sign ups for SP 11 have started!!!
Go and sign up, it's great fun.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Such is the life in the knitting blog world! You find something you can't live without, so you pass it on to all your friends! HA.
No wonder my stash keeps growing and growing!
BetteM has pointed me in the direction of more sock yarn here.
I've been to The Loopy Ewe for a GORGEOUS shade of green Lorna's Laces.
And I ordered the book Favorite Socks .

It seems I have all this yarn, yet no patterns in which to make I've been cruising the net trying to find the perfect pattern for the yarn.

Oh yes, I have lots of books, courtesy of all my pals, and certian ones are marked for some of the yarn, but alas, I have enought yarn for 19 pairs of socks!! And I cannot make the same pair of socks each time. So, a different pattern must be found for each yarn.

And the new Harry Potter book comes next week, what shall I do?? Knit or read?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Harry Potter Madness!!

Check this out for your new name

I have succesfully transfigurated myself into:
Petunia Vector

ok, I also did my maiden name:
Gabrielle Bulstrode

teehee - here is sister in Chicago: Thunderlara Dolohov
and sister in MI: Padma Grubbly-Plank

Oh boy, what a waste of fun time on the computer! Check it out.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

So hot!!

Well, the 4th turned out to be gorgeous, weather wise, so not much sock knitting was accomplished. I did finish these socks earlier in the week, CF received in a swap. The Panda Cotton socks were frogged, AFTER I had knit 6" of the leg and had finished the heel flap, they were going to be WAY BIG!! I found a new pattern and will take them to the U.P. later this month.
Oh and I almost forgot!! I had sent Kristy all of my Sugar N Cream (de-stashing and all) and she mentions me on her latest pod cast! Thanks Kristy!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

The weather is rainy and humid, so you know I'll be staying inside knitting.....knitting SOCKS!! I'm currently using Bamboo Cotton Yarn, sent by MY sp10 pal.