Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The one with all the stress

1-teaching preschool today, never had to teach this day before, it was Easter egg coloring day and 3 painting projects. uuugggghhh I did survive, thanks to all the hardworking moms and my replacement.
2-printer issues. massive headache yesterday after trying for 4 hours to fix a network issue. For some reason, all that hard work in Jan/Feb was for nothing as I was kicked out of my own network and now I can't print.
so I ordered new wireless printer today, sister will get the old one, which is not even a year old.
3-all my fans wanting to know about new posts, boy I sure feel "famous", this one is for you guys!!

Finally, here are the tomato plants.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The one where a complete stranger

Here is the photo of my hair cut. Funny thing is, I'm due to go in on Friday!! So hopefully she cuts it the same way, because it took 3 tries last time to get it right!!!

gives me a compliment!
So I am at Sam's today, pumping gas, when I hear behind me:
"Excuse me, can I tell you something? I REALLY like your haircut, it is really nice"

Thank you so much! The lady that works in the little house out by the gas pumps came out from behind her glass and out into the sunshine to say this to me.
It made my day. I was sure to give kudo's to my hairdresser :) yea you!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

This is an UUGGGHH

I have come to the realization that I am NEVER EVER going to finish the current sock that has been sitting next to the couch for over a month.
I will be frogging it, and either starting something new, or go on a knitting break for a few months.
HA, like I haven't been on a break since forever.

If someone has my mojo (LaurieC) would you kindly return it?? :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


or you will call sister numerous times as it is SO hilarious.
and you will have many bathroom breaks
and the movie will take FOREVER to be done.
But Pierce is really cute :)
but he can't sing

The one where I am home......alone

Due to a scheduling glitch (my sickness),
I am home.
by myself.
with no one.
How did this happen?

Son #1 and hubby are out of town at hockey tournament. Son #2 is at a friend's house. I had to work at preschool this morning, so after practice last night, he went home with a friend (as there would be no one to watch him this morning). I was invited to play cards tonight, so I asked if they could keep him another night.

Well, the sickness I have contracted has made me:
1) sneeze
2) blow nose
3) wash hands
4) repeat, many many times.

So I bowed out of cards, called friends to let them know I could get son #2 and bring him home, son #2 says: "no, I want to stay here".

So I went grocery shopping, did a load of laundry, and now I am having dinner;
beer and popcorn. Yum
Then I'm going to watch a movie.
Then off to bed.
Life is good.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The one with the cold medicine that you

take "every 4-6 hours" yet it stops working after 2 hours, thus leaving you miserable for the next 2-4 hours (depending on if you go by the directions).
And it's beverage night.
What to do???

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The one in which the entire hockey team goes

out after practice to celebrate 3 birthdays and I end up coming home with 2 extra kids.
Son #2's hockey team in THE BEST, we all get along very well, we like going out after games/practices to partake in a few beverages. Last night was no exception.
We have the most wonderful team manager, gknee, she is the one who makes sure the evening goes off without a hitch. And she does this almost.every.week.
Since last September, when the season started.
So, last night was her son's birthday, it was also another player's birthday this past week and Son #1's birthday is next week. Her son wanted his party at BW3's and she/he was kind enough to let the other boys celebrate with him. There was one big cake and singing and lots of merriment.

Must I confess that we started the merriment at 5:30 while the boys were at practice?
Back to the extra kids....after the evening of merriment is over (not just tonight, but every Friday), the boys like to pester their "beveraged up" parents for sleepovers, with the players changing houses willy-nilly. Son #2 had already asked for P1 to sleepover, he was not coming to practice, P2 had to back out after parental figure said no. P3 and P4 were readily available (I guess they were a package deal). Fortunately for me, Son #1 gets along well with P3's sibling, so I only agreed to the terms if Son #1 went home with P3. All was arranged and we went on our merry way.
If you've ever had a hockey player, you know what they do. They play mini-sticks in your basement until 2:30AM. Never mind that they are spending the entire day at your house on Saturday, no, they must play into the wee hours of the morning.

I must be out of my mind.
Oh, and hubby is gone to a seminar and won't return until this afternoon.
Just me.
and 3 hockey players.
and rain.

Here is an updated photo of the tomato plants. They really started taking off last Tuesday, after I decided they needed to be watered.

Monday, March 02, 2009

The one in which I think of all the witty things

to say while driving the kids to school in the van, but by the time I get home, I've forgotten most of them because it took the computer so long to boot up.
haha I'm going to be funny today, should make for an interesting post.

Anyway, today will be all about me saving the economy; because if you haven't noticed, no knitting is happening in this house.
Yesterday I went shopping, for the first time since probably Christmas.

First off, new purse, I've been using the green one for almost a year, so it was time. I got it last year on clearance, thinking the color was not "happening" that is why it was on clearance. Well guess what? that is the new "it" color for spring, all the new purses are green. So of course, I can't match everyone else, I orginally got it so I could be different. So this time, I bought red. Again on clearance.
I think Sister wants the old purse.

Next stop, the bookstore. I hardly ever buy books**, I always get them from the library, much cheaper that way.**except for Twilight series, I went nuts and bought them all, got my money's worth, read them all twice, going for the third time now.
Anyway, my teacher gave me a book to read, she bought it because the lady at the bookstore said "everyone is reading it". Well, she started reading it, determined she wasn't "hip enough" and gave it to me because she thinks I am "hip" :). She also loves that I wear 70's type jeans, they would be the ones sister made me buy. Turns out, the book is by Jen Lancaster aka Jennsylvania (see side bar for link to her blog). Sister read them all, told me to read them, I never did. I started Bright Lights Big A** yesterday. OMG, it is so funny, I was laughing so hard I was crying. Son #1 wanted to know what was wrong. I had to put the book down many times to compose myself. Found a 20% off coupon online, went to the bookstore and bought the first book, Bitter is the New Black.

Off to buy soap, you know, from that fancy store, they were having a sale (they are ALWAYS having a sale).

Last stop, JCP for a new shirt. Saw a shirt in the April 1st Family Circle (yes, I am sensible) that I liked, so I was on a mission. Finally found the shirt, and another, so I got them both. Hubby wants to know where I will wear these shirts. We don't go out much.together.alone. Mostly all the time with the hockey team.
He says they are kind of "busy" WTF, I'm not wearing them together.
Hmmmmm, old purse matches one shirt, new purse matches other....

And that is how I saved the economy yesterday.

Last, but not least, here is an update on the tomato plants. If you look really close at the one in the bottom left, you can see a tiny sprout. Not much going on in the other pods.

PHEW, that was the longest post EVER, I hope my 5 friends enjoyed it!!
And I saved it like every 10 seconds because you know how Blogger can be; and I wasn't going to retype everything. TTFN