Monday, March 02, 2009

The one in which I think of all the witty things

to say while driving the kids to school in the van, but by the time I get home, I've forgotten most of them because it took the computer so long to boot up.
haha I'm going to be funny today, should make for an interesting post.

Anyway, today will be all about me saving the economy; because if you haven't noticed, no knitting is happening in this house.
Yesterday I went shopping, for the first time since probably Christmas.

First off, new purse, I've been using the green one for almost a year, so it was time. I got it last year on clearance, thinking the color was not "happening" that is why it was on clearance. Well guess what? that is the new "it" color for spring, all the new purses are green. So of course, I can't match everyone else, I orginally got it so I could be different. So this time, I bought red. Again on clearance.
I think Sister wants the old purse.

Next stop, the bookstore. I hardly ever buy books**, I always get them from the library, much cheaper that way.**except for Twilight series, I went nuts and bought them all, got my money's worth, read them all twice, going for the third time now.
Anyway, my teacher gave me a book to read, she bought it because the lady at the bookstore said "everyone is reading it". Well, she started reading it, determined she wasn't "hip enough" and gave it to me because she thinks I am "hip" :). She also loves that I wear 70's type jeans, they would be the ones sister made me buy. Turns out, the book is by Jen Lancaster aka Jennsylvania (see side bar for link to her blog). Sister read them all, told me to read them, I never did. I started Bright Lights Big A** yesterday. OMG, it is so funny, I was laughing so hard I was crying. Son #1 wanted to know what was wrong. I had to put the book down many times to compose myself. Found a 20% off coupon online, went to the bookstore and bought the first book, Bitter is the New Black.

Off to buy soap, you know, from that fancy store, they were having a sale (they are ALWAYS having a sale).

Last stop, JCP for a new shirt. Saw a shirt in the April 1st Family Circle (yes, I am sensible) that I liked, so I was on a mission. Finally found the shirt, and another, so I got them both. Hubby wants to know where I will wear these shirts. We don't go out much.together.alone. Mostly all the time with the hockey team.
He says they are kind of "busy" WTF, I'm not wearing them together.
Hmmmmm, old purse matches one shirt, new purse matches other....

And that is how I saved the economy yesterday.

Last, but not least, here is an update on the tomato plants. If you look really close at the one in the bottom left, you can see a tiny sprout. Not much going on in the other pods.

PHEW, that was the longest post EVER, I hope my 5 friends enjoyed it!!
And I saved it like every 10 seconds because you know how Blogger can be; and I wasn't going to retype everything. TTFN


sister said...

I love the WTF comment. Really? You won't wear 2 shirts at once?

And when can I expect my purse to arrive via the postman?

Anonymous said...

Your blog is hilarious! I am on the hunt for a new purse too. I was thinking pink for spring...what's the status on that color?

:) Kristen

LeslieJ said...

Hmmm, pink. I don't recall seeing a lot of pink purses, my brain was clouded with all the visions of green, so it might be safe. :)

sister said...

You should read Jen's latest blog entry. She thinks she's funny, too.