Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Do you live with a 12 year old boy?

Does this look familiar??
Are they clean?
or are the dirty??
Notice the laundry basket in the corner....
and the dresser next to it....

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The one in which I am a princess for 2 days.......

Yes, it was my birthday this past week; and hubby says "you're birthday lasts the entire month of April!!". I tried to keep it to only 1 week this year :)
First up, "my REAL birthday"
I had to teach at preschool on Thursday, Mrs. T was off on vacation to Florida. It was a GREAT day to teach. I received a balloon, red tulips and a princess sceptor that I wore all day on my sweater. I had brought a special birthday treat, baked white cheetos and rice krispy treats (2 L'd Allison's mom went and got them, my 2nd favorite treat) and the kids all sang Happy Birthday to me at snack time.

Then on Friday, aka beverage night, some of us tailgated before the game and my good, no GREAT friend gknee brought me a REAL tiara and a princess balloon and pink carnations and a sceptor she made me at craft night.

And then when we were at the party (BW3) after the game....she had a cake for me (yellow cake/chocolate frosting) and the entire team sang to me :) It was the best!!

Oh, and this purse has been siting in the corner for a year and a half waiting for handles. I finally bought some on Friday. Along with yarn to make the February Lady Sweater, greeen, of course.

a/c in April?

Yes, I do believe that April 25 is the earliest we have ever turned on the a/c.
It was hot.
It was humid.
My allergies were making me miserable.
I'm sure it will be off by Tuesday.

I will post later about the birtday week festivities :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

When scrapping and hockey collide

or, why does my family have to follow me when I go away????

Sister and I have had a scrapping weekend set up for the past 2 months. Just last week, son #1's spring hockey team signed up for a tournament in a city close to where I was going (alone.with no kids.just sister). uuuggghhh
I was able to see the 1st game, as it was on the way to where I was going, and sister wasn't going to be in town until about 8. Games 2 and 3 were at the same place, but no way was I leaving the scrap for hockey, I haven't scrapped for over a year.
Yesterday I get a call
"we are in the finals in (city where I am)"!!! 10:30am, are you going to come mom??"
Of course I will be there. We asked around and get this....
the rink is right behind our hotel.
No plans were made for scrapping today, I finished all that I had brought with me,
so, the scrapping is done, sister is leaving and I'll be at my 2nd home, the rink :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Baseball is back................and so is the

knitting!!! Imagine that, nothing to do but sit and watch baseball and the knitting mojo decides to kick in!! Because, you know, you cannot watch hockey (too much action) and knit at the same time. Well, I can't anyway.

I was all over Ravelry yesterday trying to find something to make with all this gorgeous Shepherd's Mill Wool that I got last Friday. I was going to make the Celtic Tote, but too.much.thinking., even with baseball. So I was going to make the Vermont Felted Bag...that didn't work out, but sisters annabanana will be receiving a nice blanket/rug for her dolls. I decided on this bag. More details as it progresses.

When I wasn't on Ravelry, it was time to transplant the tomato plants! Look how much they've grown. We have 11 plants, some are going to mother and some to sister. I am not that crazy that I need 11 tomato plants, especially since no one else eats them! I told son #1 "YOU WILL EAT THESE"

Oh, hubby's boss asked how the "vacation" was. Hubby replied, it was no Mexico.
So boss says, "want to go to Cozumel next year?"
Heck yea!! So, I think we are going back.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Yes, we are on spring break.
Yes, that is snow.
And yes, that is Santa in the background.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

This is what today is all about.....

Hubby is going downtown for the festivities, and then to the game. I'll be home with the boys.

Go Green
Go White

Friday, April 03, 2009

Ooooooobleck (Dr. Suess)

Home with the kids for spring break and nothing to amuse them?? Make some oobleck, courtesy of Dr. Suess. We've made this at preschool and the kids love it. Son #2 made it in science (4th grade) this past week and wanted to make some for at home.

1 1/2 c corn starch **I think we needed 2c to make it the correct consistency
1 c water
food color (optional)
Mix in pie tin **do not pour into sink when finished, it will clog the drain, throw the mixture away**

when it's pushed together, the oobleck will appear dry and solid, but when you let go, it will flow like a liquid. Lots of messy fun.

On the knitting front, I've got some new yarn (I had a gift certificate and a 20% off coupon due to it being my "birthday" month) and hope to cast on a new project. Hoping this will get me out of my "non knitting" funk. I'll post more as it progresses.