Sunday, April 26, 2009

The one in which I am a princess for 2 days.......

Yes, it was my birthday this past week; and hubby says "you're birthday lasts the entire month of April!!". I tried to keep it to only 1 week this year :)
First up, "my REAL birthday"
I had to teach at preschool on Thursday, Mrs. T was off on vacation to Florida. It was a GREAT day to teach. I received a balloon, red tulips and a princess sceptor that I wore all day on my sweater. I had brought a special birthday treat, baked white cheetos and rice krispy treats (2 L'd Allison's mom went and got them, my 2nd favorite treat) and the kids all sang Happy Birthday to me at snack time.

Then on Friday, aka beverage night, some of us tailgated before the game and my good, no GREAT friend gknee brought me a REAL tiara and a princess balloon and pink carnations and a sceptor she made me at craft night.

And then when we were at the party (BW3) after the game....she had a cake for me (yellow cake/chocolate frosting) and the entire team sang to me :) It was the best!!

Oh, and this purse has been siting in the corner for a year and a half waiting for handles. I finally bought some on Friday. Along with yarn to make the February Lady Sweater, greeen, of course.


Young Sister said...

Wow. Glad to hear your birthday was a blast. Mine all pale in comparison. But then, you've had MORE birthdays than me........

Beth S. said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Glad to hear it was a celebration befitting a Princess!!!

(Next time invite me for "beverages"!!

ps. That purse is gorgeous!