Friday, March 30, 2007

Back to knitting

I have recovered from the scrapping, slowly but surely I have picked up the needles again. To borrow a phrase from "trek", I am knitting under the radar, no pictures, things are being knit for sp10 pal and I don't want to give anything away. Suffice it to say, I am working on 2 projects, 1 for her and 1 for me.

I can't believe Easter is next week, this bunny better get to the store for some basket fillings! The boys have asked for new video games, great, costs way more than candy! But we'll need them for the big spring break vacation! Myrtle Beach.

I have read up on airline security measures and it seems I can take my knitting with me. But I should be prepared with a self-addressed stamped envelope in case my particular security agent feels the needles (dpn's) are too dangerous. Check out today's yarnharlot for a good yarn!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Scrapbooking - What's that???

Saturday was a very fun day. I went scrapbooking with my good friend Amy. I used to scrap all the time (bk - before knitting), so I had quite a bit to do. Both hubby and kids have been complaining that there was nothing new in their books.
So I packed up what I had, and off we went. We used to go on these 3 day scraps, but this was just one day benefiting Breast Cancer. We went to Scrapbook Memories, the owner donated the space, so the fee went directly to the Run for the Cure. Great cause, Amy is a breast cancer survivor :), I met her at preschool, our kids went through the 3's and 4's together, and we've stayed friends ever since, our kids even have the same name; Kevin. So they were Kevin Mc and Kevin J. My guy still goes by Kevin J. Also, she is the one who got me hooked on scrappin'!!!
You're probably wondering if I'm still knitting, all these posts about packages, but no posts on knitting. Yes, I have started a pair of socks with the yummy Lorna's Laces, the red one, slow going as it is like knitting with thread on toothpicks! I'm going to start another quick project to send to my sp10 pal.

Friday, March 23, 2007

4th package - worth the wait!!!

Nah nah nah nah booboo!! This bag is mine, all mine!!! YES.

It is totally awesome, all the pockets for me to put stuff (and room for all that kid stuff I seem to carry around). And done in my favorite color green!! Bonus: came with 2 beautiful Rowan Felted Tweed (green) and some OnLine sockyarn (also green), a book I've been wanting and also a super duper large bag of caramel kisses!! A very nice note too!! Thank you so much TeAntae!! You were very secretive and it was worth the wait.
Here's the scoop:
I saw the mail truck down the street and paced the kitchen floor for a few minutes, opened the door and the truck was waiting at the end of the driveway, I ran out "do you have a package for me??" as I jumped up and down, he said yes, slowly got out of the truck and went around back, there it was, all by itself in a bin, just waiting for me. I told him I was waiting all day for this package, he wanted to know what was in it, I told him a purse, he said, big deal, does it have money in it?? :) HA, no, I then explained about the swap (he rolled his eyes) got back in the truck and off he went. I told him he was lucky I didn't bring my camera out to get a picture!!

Now, what to do with all the beautiful yarn I received this week? The mailman did comment that I had received a lot of packages this past week!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

3rd of 4 packages

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Here is the rest of my Winter Scarf Knit Kit from LaVerna. She went above and beyond the call of an angel. Look at all this great stuff:
2 skeins of Cascade Fixation
1 skein of Sugar N Cream
1 entire bag of Hershey's Kisses w/caramel
1 bag of various teas
1 canister of Spicy Hot Chocolate (sounds yummy)
2 towels that say "coffee"
1 cinnamony smelly candle (love them)
1 bag of spicy hot cinnamon Jolly Ranchers
1 green flowery coffee mug
1 package of bunny tissues
1 very cute stitch marker
I think that is everything!! Thank you very very much LaVerna.

Now, all I need to do is figure out who that darn ITEIII secret pal is....are you lurking?? Who are you :) and what bag is mine?? I'm going bonkers trying to figure it out!!
AHA - I figured it out, but I'm not telling until the package arrives :) thanks so much..

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fave Knitting Accessory

This is very off-the-wall and different, but my very favorite knitting accessory has got to be my Maytag washing machine :)

Since I started knitting like gang-busters in June, I've made 20-25 felted purses. It seems I was making "a purse a day" (hence the blog's name). I couldn't have done any of it without my trusty machine.

Monday, March 19, 2007

2 of 4 packages received

Ok, so today of all days the postman did not make our delivery until 7:00PM, yes PM, fyi - we live less than a mile from the post office.
Here are the 2 packages I received:

First, my SP10 pal sent a hello package, lots of yummy Hershey's Kisses with caramel (love them) and some little bottles of Burt's Bee's lotion to help soothe my hands after a tough day of knitting (or working). Can't wait to try and figure out who she is. Don't think I will be able to though, there are over 600 SP10 pals!!
Next, oh my goodness!!
LaVerna stepped in to be an angel after my original Scarf Knit Kit partner bailed. She outdid herself! I received 3 skeins of BEAUTIFUL Cascade Quatro in GREEN (you can almost see them, they match so well with my kitchen counter) and a
pattern to make a Hoodwink; scarf and hat combined. How cool is that! I can't wait to make it. Also, the yarn store, Angelika's sent some catalogs with very cool patterns and a free sock
pattern, and like I'm not addicted already, lots and lots of Lorna's Laces you can buy!!!
This was the best day ever!!! And my ITEIII partner emailed to say my tote will be shipping Wednesday and LaVerna also emailed to say her part of the package shipped today!!
Thank you very much La Verna and SP10 pal.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finally finished!!!

The never-ending anklets are finished. I was bound and determined to finish them today. I can now concentrate on the tote for my sister. After that, on to Lorna's Laces sock yarn. :)

These are from my SocktopiaKAL, they are called "short and sweet and always in my heart" There are little hearts all around the ankle (but you can't see them here). Also, this was my best attempt yet at getting the yarn to match up on both socks; only off about 4 rows. I was NOT going to frog it for perfection. The ankle/heel is a little funky, so I'm going to pass these on to sister (with the tote). Her feet are a wee bit smaller than mine, so the ankle/heel thing should not be an issue for her.

Friday, March 16, 2007

I love the postman

Well, at least I will starting next week.

1-I've heard from my scarf knit kit angel, 2, yes 2, packages are coming my way. One from her and one from an online yarn store. Thank you so much for filling in La Verna!!!

2-SP10 started yesterday. I've been in contact with up and downstream partner. My upstream partner said she has sent me a small package!!! yea

3-ITEIII tote should be coming next week, the deadline to mail is Monday, and my partner has been very very secretive :) I have no clue who she is or what she is knitting for me.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gorgeous PS yarn

Look at this beautiful yarn I ordered from here . The colors go along with Project Spectrum, so I will be receiving 4 shipments of sock yarn. (Like I don't have enough already) I'll add this to the pile :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


It was 75 degrees yesterday!!!! But, going back into the 30's by this weekend.

Well, we have determined (the swap coordinator and myself) that a package is not forthcoming from my original swap partner for the Scarf Knit kit. She has lined up an angel, who is currently putting a package together for me. Thank you so much!!!
Funny thing, it turns out Debb (sassy sock yarn pal) was also flaked over by this same person!

Received my sp10 pal's name last night!! Can't wait to start putting together a package to send out.

Finally, hubby is complaining about me not using "all that yarn I had to bring back from California" I am knitting as fast as I can on those darn anklets.

Plus I still need to finish the tote for my sister, she is coming at the end of the month!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Whirlwind Saturday

Son #1's birthday day was quite the whirlwind.

Started off with son #2 league championship game at 9:00 am. I did not go, as son #1 was busy playing with his new lego's, so I waited anxiously by the phone for the results. I tried calling my friend (who happens to have 3 sons on the team we were versing). No answer. Phone rings at 9:45, hubby calling, we won, 4-2 and will be bringing home 2, yes 2 (as the coach receives trophy also) gold 1st place trophies. Son #2 scored the winning goal.
1st playoff game is Tuesday, 7:00pm.

Next up, floor hockey game, 1:00pm. Son #2 loves it, and scored 6 goals.

Then, home for a few minutes, back to the hockey rink for 3:00pm practice (even though they had played at 9:00 am. Coaches decided to have this ice time; rather than the 6:15AM today).

After practice, rush to The Green Lantern (great pizza place) for son #1 birthday dinner (they get to pick their dinner, either home cooked HAHAHA, that's funny), or out-for-dinner.

After dinner, rush back to the rink for 6:15pm hockey game (we lost 4-1).

PHEW. We haven't even had birthday cake yet, we'll do that today.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

As promised

Here is the beautiful yarn I received from hubby's CA trip. I cannot wait to start some new socks, but I cannot seem to finish my current pair. I am using Sockotta, making anklets no less; and they are taking FOREVER. It does not help that I had to frog the first one all the way back to the ankle ribbing and start over (I was 3/4 done, about to start on the toe decrease) but I did not like the way it was turning out, so I started over using smaller dpn's.
If my special order Addis EVER come in (they were ordered on Dec 27, I have no clue what the holdup is....) I will learn the "magic loop". And then I have still have to make its mate. Oh well.
I did not get any knitting done while hubby was away on business, and we have been to the rink almost everynight (can't knit during games, to much stress) and we are now going full steam ahead into playoffs, I'll be lucky to knit once a week this month.

Received email(s) about sp10, waiting to matched with someone, looking forward to spoiling someone and being spoiled.

And lastly, son #1 (turning 10 this weekend) is having issues about sleeping alone in his room. Late last month he was in our room, on the floor, in a sleeping bag; he had to go, he was keeping me up. He moved to his brother's room, all was fine. Then one morning last week, we woke up to this:

Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh, I am so lonely....

My ITE III partner is MIA...where are you?? :)
I know she is feveriously working on my bag and has no time to "chat". I check the blog everyday to see if I can spot "my bag", but no luck, she has been good about protecting her identity, I have no clue who she might be.

Big news today..... I called to check on a recipe for my crock pot, and found out:
1) I have had it for 7 years (YIKES), it sat in the cupboard for about 6 of those years.
2) There is a recall on it; I will need to cut off the end of the plug and send it back to them. In return, I will receive a brand new base!!! But I like the old base, it matches my kitchen. And I need to use it again next week. How boring am I? :)