Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh, I am so lonely....

My ITE III partner is MIA...where are you?? :)
I know she is feveriously working on my bag and has no time to "chat". I check the blog everyday to see if I can spot "my bag", but no luck, she has been good about protecting her identity, I have no clue who she might be.

Big news today..... I called to check on a recipe for my crock pot, and found out:
1) I have had it for 7 years (YIKES), it sat in the cupboard for about 6 of those years.
2) There is a recall on it; I will need to cut off the end of the plug and send it back to them. In return, I will receive a brand new base!!! But I like the old base, it matches my kitchen. And I need to use it again next week. How boring am I? :)

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