Friday, March 30, 2007

Back to knitting

I have recovered from the scrapping, slowly but surely I have picked up the needles again. To borrow a phrase from "trek", I am knitting under the radar, no pictures, things are being knit for sp10 pal and I don't want to give anything away. Suffice it to say, I am working on 2 projects, 1 for her and 1 for me.

I can't believe Easter is next week, this bunny better get to the store for some basket fillings! The boys have asked for new video games, great, costs way more than candy! But we'll need them for the big spring break vacation! Myrtle Beach.

I have read up on airline security measures and it seems I can take my knitting with me. But I should be prepared with a self-addressed stamped envelope in case my particular security agent feels the needles (dpn's) are too dangerous. Check out today's yarnharlot for a good yarn!!


Anne said...

Isn't it funny how holidays morph into gift giving no matter what holiday it is? haha. I remember asking for things like that from the easter bunny too!

Scrapping can be so fun and addictive - I just don't have time to get into it again with all the knitting I want to do!


LeslieJ said...

Well, I just remember getting candy, not to much, but enough to make me not want to go to church!
My kids don't eat that much candy (good) but games and videos are much more expensive.
P.S. are you Anne in Vermont??

Sabine said...

Over here in Germany, you are not allowed to take your knitting on a plane, not even bamboo sock knitting needles! I put my knitting and my keys on the counter. The keys were allowed (certainly more dangerous) the knitting not. A stamped envelope is a good idea.