Sunday, March 11, 2007

Whirlwind Saturday

Son #1's birthday day was quite the whirlwind.

Started off with son #2 league championship game at 9:00 am. I did not go, as son #1 was busy playing with his new lego's, so I waited anxiously by the phone for the results. I tried calling my friend (who happens to have 3 sons on the team we were versing). No answer. Phone rings at 9:45, hubby calling, we won, 4-2 and will be bringing home 2, yes 2 (as the coach receives trophy also) gold 1st place trophies. Son #2 scored the winning goal.
1st playoff game is Tuesday, 7:00pm.

Next up, floor hockey game, 1:00pm. Son #2 loves it, and scored 6 goals.

Then, home for a few minutes, back to the hockey rink for 3:00pm practice (even though they had played at 9:00 am. Coaches decided to have this ice time; rather than the 6:15AM today).

After practice, rush to The Green Lantern (great pizza place) for son #1 birthday dinner (they get to pick their dinner, either home cooked HAHAHA, that's funny), or out-for-dinner.

After dinner, rush back to the rink for 6:15pm hockey game (we lost 4-1).

PHEW. We haven't even had birthday cake yet, we'll do that today.

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