Wednesday, March 07, 2007

As promised

Here is the beautiful yarn I received from hubby's CA trip. I cannot wait to start some new socks, but I cannot seem to finish my current pair. I am using Sockotta, making anklets no less; and they are taking FOREVER. It does not help that I had to frog the first one all the way back to the ankle ribbing and start over (I was 3/4 done, about to start on the toe decrease) but I did not like the way it was turning out, so I started over using smaller dpn's.
If my special order Addis EVER come in (they were ordered on Dec 27, I have no clue what the holdup is....) I will learn the "magic loop". And then I have still have to make its mate. Oh well.
I did not get any knitting done while hubby was away on business, and we have been to the rink almost everynight (can't knit during games, to much stress) and we are now going full steam ahead into playoffs, I'll be lucky to knit once a week this month.

Received email(s) about sp10, waiting to matched with someone, looking forward to spoiling someone and being spoiled.

And lastly, son #1 (turning 10 this weekend) is having issues about sleeping alone in his room. Late last month he was in our room, on the floor, in a sleeping bag; he had to go, he was keeping me up. He moved to his brother's room, all was fine. Then one morning last week, we woke up to this:

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lauriec said...

Your boys are adorable & that yarn is WOW!!!! You are one lucky girl!!!