Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Radiate the sunshine

'cuz there ain't no sunshine today! oh my, what a cold and dreary day, is it really the end of June?? You'd never know from the weather.
I will finish the body of the Radiate sweater today, I will finish the body, just keep saying that, and maybe it'll happen!
There, I finished the body of the sweater. Creative changes: totally zoned on switching to stockinette, kept going as was, so I needed to add 2 more rows once I switched, otherwise never would have got the curl at the bottom.
Off to the sleeves, I'm going to attempt to do them in the round, pattern calls for knitting flat, then sewing up.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

sad sad days

First Ed
then Farrah
then Farrah gets pushed aside for Micheal

They really do come in 3's.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Vacation

Well, it has been a not-so-nice start, weatherwise, to vacation. Rain and cloudy and grey. No trips to the pool, yet. It looks like next week will be pool week.

Moving along on the Radiate the sunshine sweater. Bought more yarn yesterday for another sweater; either FLS or a different one.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Radiate The Sunshine

Here is the progress on the new sweater.
I don't know who it is going to fit...maybe anna banana?? cuz it is WAY small. Hopefully it will fit me when it is done.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Reading List

Many thanks to Jen Lancaster, I've got plenty of books to keep me occupied this summer!!! Some I will get from the Library, some I will read via iTouch.

I picked up the Shoe Addict series today at Target, I had a gift card :)

Check out her list:

FLS is finished...

yes! and it only took a month! That is super fast.
It is blocked and ready to wear, I think by sister #2...we'll see.
I was going to make another one, in yellow, for me, but I decided to make a different sweater, Radiate, in yellow :)
photos later.
go wings.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Reading up a storm

Well, I have been on a tear lately reading the Charlaine Harris "Sookie Stackhouse" vampire series. OMG. They just suck you in. While the Stephanie Meyers "Twilight" series is highschool chick lit light vampire stuff, this Sookie is grown up adult vampire type stuff (all the way around) and I have been reading them one after the other....I only have #9 left to read, which just came out a few weeks ago.
Oh, and I've been reading all of them on my itouch. I LOVE that you can get a Kindle app and I have almost 15 books on it! and it is always with me. I prefer reading this way, and it feels weird if I have an actual book in my hands!

Here is the progress on the FLS. Should be finished soon.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

on the arms

Here is the progress on the arms. They are the worst part of this sweater! First off, the arm holes are too big, I had to decrease the 7 picked up stitches, then I kept screwing up the lace pattern, never did in the body of the sweater, after the decreases, I think the arm holes are still too big, so I went down to a size 7, and now I am going to have to break into that 4th ball of yarn. uuggghh special trip back to the store to have it wound. I was hoping to not to have to use it, but since I made the yoke larger than expected, I've used more than the alloted yardage.

Other than that, I still love it and am most defintely probably going to make another, with a lot of modifications!

Oh, and I've been coughing up a storm since I started this, so I think I may be allergic to the yarn???? I don't know...anyway, hoping to finish it soon and see if the coughing stops. Off to eye dr today, cross your fingers that I get the ok to go back to my contacts, I've been wearing glasses for a week and a half. YUCK

Monday, June 01, 2009

Holy Crud!!

That is some fast knitting! I knit all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I finished the body of the FLS and now I'm off to do the sleeves. They seem to be too wide, so I am canvasing the forum on Ravelry to try and figure out how to fix them. I'm pretty sure I can just decrease the 7 additional stitches that were added under the arms...but how and when??

This is just the cutest thing! I've made notes for the next one...things I don't like so much that I will change :)

Hockey is over, final father/son game yesterday, the son's won :). Now we have a 2 month break, but the void is being filled by a new sport: lacrosse. About 1/2 the hockey team has signed up, so we will still see everyone all summer YEA

11 full days and 2 1/2 days until school is out for summer. Personally, I think my kids have already checked out, I know I have :)