Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Radiate the sunshine

'cuz there ain't no sunshine today! oh my, what a cold and dreary day, is it really the end of June?? You'd never know from the weather.
I will finish the body of the Radiate sweater today, I will finish the body, just keep saying that, and maybe it'll happen!
There, I finished the body of the sweater. Creative changes: totally zoned on switching to stockinette, kept going as was, so I needed to add 2 more rows once I switched, otherwise never would have got the curl at the bottom.
Off to the sleeves, I'm going to attempt to do them in the round, pattern calls for knitting flat, then sewing up.


sister said...

super cute. is that little girl size? looks like it would fit Anna

LeslieJ said...

NO! it is the small size. i am hoping it will fit me. otherwise it will be anna's