Saturday, February 23, 2008


Here are my No Purl Monkeys with Koigu toe on #2! Who will see the toes when I'm wearing shoes? Nobody, I hope!

Already cast on my next pair, Anne Budd, Flame Wave Socks. I've been wanting to make these since last summer, but I could not find another skein of Cascade Fixation in Fern. I was able to find the 1 other person on Ravelry (Marilynmac) who had a skein. She was more than willing to trade with me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Love and not-so Love

I Love Love Love the The Loopy Ewe
Place web order on Monday, ships Wednesday, arrives Friday! Yea, can ship package to LaurieC on Monday.

Not so Love for KnitPicks. Place verbal order Mon Feb ships on or about Friday Feb 8...I still do not have my order!!!

It was only coming from Ohio, and oh yea, they ship via U.S. Mail, but with no delivery tracking or confirmation, so who knows where it is... I have called and they are replacing it, who knows when that will show up....
UPDATE: I received the replacement order on Monday, still no sign of the original order.

Oh yes, more Love for The Loopy Ewe...they sell 1/2 skeins of Colinette Jitterbug, so when I run out of yarn on the second no purl monkey, I can order it for the low low price of $11.00. As I am not having any luck finding any stash on Ravelry.

Bad blogger

Yes, that is me! We have been off for mid-winter break (the boys and I) and you think I would have found time to update!
Well, I did finish no purl monkey sock #1, but I am not going to have enough yarn to finish the mate! UUUGGGHHH I have been feverishly posting on Ravelry trying to secure some additional yarn. I cannot justify paying $25 for an entire skein. I cannot believe I may have to frog AGAIN. This yarn has bad karma.

In better news, my friend LaurieC, has decided to move forward on a swap hint from me (yes me!) Check out her blog for the info, she is thinking of doing a sock swap where you make 1 sock and then ship the yarn and sock off to your pal and they finish it up! No SSS!! I'm thinking she is maybe limiting it to 20 people, so go sign up!

Both boys are at sleepovers, hubby is at work, I think I'll go back to bed! TTFN

Friday, February 15, 2008


Ok, I have cast-on and frogged 1 sock (Anklet Heart), I have cast-on and frogged 1 scarf (Samuel's Red Heart scarf).

I am about to frog the replacement sock (Carolina). I am not loving the pattern. I think I am going back to tried and true No purl monkey socks. Does this make me a bad knitter?

The replacement scarf will stay on the needles, I am making "My so called scarf".

I feel bad about the socks, they were my tribute to Momma Monkey, but no purl monkey socks/Momma Monkey, I think it will be ok.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Here they are!

Here are my finished Roundabout socks. I love the pattern, very simple, but these are the UGLIEST color I have ever seen. Don't know if I should keep them, or send them off to an unsuspecting sister?? :)
I have cast on a pair of Heart Anklet socks, my tribute to Momma Monkey. You can't really see the hearts, as the yarn is very colorful....we shall see.
HOLD THE PHONE: going to frog back to the ribbing and doing Carolina instead.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

What happened to the socks??

Well, I just can't seem to bring myself to finish that roundabout sock #2! I am totally in love with the Malabrigo yarn. After finishing the mitts, I cast on another Amanda hat, and then I had to have a matching scarf! So, the lonely sock sits there.

I looked through all the patterns I have stashed, and found this one: Samuel's Heart Red Scarf.
The stitch definition is not showing up, but that's ok, I love the pattern and the scarf is super soft!