Friday, February 22, 2008

Bad blogger

Yes, that is me! We have been off for mid-winter break (the boys and I) and you think I would have found time to update!
Well, I did finish no purl monkey sock #1, but I am not going to have enough yarn to finish the mate! UUUGGGHHH I have been feverishly posting on Ravelry trying to secure some additional yarn. I cannot justify paying $25 for an entire skein. I cannot believe I may have to frog AGAIN. This yarn has bad karma.

In better news, my friend LaurieC, has decided to move forward on a swap hint from me (yes me!) Check out her blog for the info, she is thinking of doing a sock swap where you make 1 sock and then ship the yarn and sock off to your pal and they finish it up! No SSS!! I'm thinking she is maybe limiting it to 20 people, so go sign up!

Both boys are at sleepovers, hubby is at work, I think I'll go back to bed! TTFN

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