Thursday, June 28, 2007

April 23rd is special because.....

Here is something cool, I was tagged by MidwestKnitGirl.

The rules: Go to Wikipedia and type in your birth month and date (mine is April 23), then post 3 events, 2 births and a holiday. Then tag 5 others, I only did 2, sorry. I tag LaurieC, BetteM,. I actually thought this was an interesting one to do.

Events: 1597 - Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor is first performed, with Queen Elizabeth I of England in attendance.
1867 - William Lincoln patents the zoetrope, a machine which shows animated pictures by mounting a strip of drawings in a wheel.
1988 - Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon, after spending the record total of 741 consecutive weeks (over 14 years) on the Billboard 200, left the charts for its first time ever

Births: 1564 - William Shakespeare, English poet and playwright
1928 - Shirley Temple, American actress and politician

Holiday: National Beer Day in Germany (THE BEST!! I AM GERMAN)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No pool = lots of knitting

Not a lot of pool time this week, so I did a lot of knitting! I did a test bag and it worked out fine, so I made the real bag yesterday/today for the Notions Bag Swap, isn't it the cutest thing? Now I need to find a magnet to include in the package.
I finished all the pieces for the ITE IV tote, just waiting for it to dry so I can put it together.
I even cast on for a pair of CF socks for me! I was going to use Trek Casts On Pilchard socks, but they were TOO BIG. I frogged them and I'll just use my handy dandy anklet pattern, but make them taller.
I've been scouring for patterns for the rest of my sock yarn, I think I will try the Monkey and Jaywalker Socks that are all over the knitting blog world.
Big weather changes today, finally some rain (big thunderstorms) but it has been a month since we've had any rain.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Is this a problem?

I was going through the stash the other day, and this is how much sock yarn I have! If you count, I think there are 19 pairs!! Oh my, earlier this year I was on a yarn diet (I don't think it worked, even though I pledged to not buy myself any yarn, I was in 4 swaps, so my stash grew!). This time I'm serious, no more sock yarn (see how I get around that) though, technically I am only making socks, and I buy the other yarn as needed per project.
My ITE IV tote is drying, I think I need to re-make the pocket, I didn't follow the directions and it is too large (it did shrink during felting, but it is still larger than the bag) I'll give that a few days. I've finally found the bag I'm going to make for the Notion Bag Swap here.
I'm going to test it out today. And my friend LaurieC is back from vacation today! Yipee. I really missed her!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Etsy yarn

Here is the yarn I ordered from Etsy; ZenGarden. I LOVE the colorway!! and the cute little sock travel bag and stitch marker!
I don't think I'm going to make socks from this yarn, I'm just going to keep it on the mantle and look at it all the time :) HA

Off to the LYS this morning, the contrasting yarn I bought for my ITE IV tote is not going to work; I think the yarns will felt differently and the tote will get messed up. Oh well, more stash for socks!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

News Flash

The LL socks are FINISHED!!! YIPEE. But look and see how much yarn is left...what to do with it? Maybe little girl socks? Don't know. I do know that I can now cast on for the 1st of 3 pairs of CF anklets for my friend!
Oh Boy, I looked in the stash, I have so much sock yarn!
I feel like I'm living in the SocksInTheCity podcast with Carrie!!
The 2nd sock went much faster than the 1st.
Started June 4, Finished June 16, 12:55pm (just as the baseball game was ending)

Big News! Big News!

My secret pal is (was) Patty!!! aka MidwestKnitGirl.
She was the best pal ever! She was so good at keeping her identy secret. Though, I did read her blog at the end, she had emailed me about joining her "friends" swap, and I did, how funny. Very cool, check out her blog. See all the great stuff she sent in her reveal package:
Cherry Hill sock yarn and pattern, homemade candles, candy bars (yum, now she likes these!) t-shirt and pencils for the Mall of America (she lives 5 miles from there, no yarn stores though). I had such great fun in the SP10! Can't wait for the next one.
And, the 2nd best news!!! I am currently working the toe decrease on the 2nd LL sock! YES, I will be finished with it today!!! happy happy joy joy. Then I can concentrate on the ITE IV tote and all those CF Anklets for my friend.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Double the fun!

Here are 2 packages I received yesterday.
First is my Stitch marker swap pal, Nicola, from England. She personally dyed this yarn for me :) see the beautiful green color! It also has yellow and white. It is Blue Faced Leicester laceweight, I'm looking for a pattern for a shawl or stole, any ideas out there? Also received some adorable stitch markers, all shoe related (in green) and some English chocolate that was total liquid upon delivery. It is in the fridge trying to regain its shape!
The second package is from my Swap-bot small knit kit pal Terry-Jo. I received 2 skeins of CF Mardi Gras, sock patter, needles, stitch holder and my favorite gum. Plus a cute little bag to hold the socks while they are being made up!
Thanks to both of you! Off I go to finish my current projects, LL sock #2 and the ITE IV tote.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My 10 year old took this picture in art class! I love it so much I had shutterfly make notecards.

Well, today is the last full day of school, i.e. the last full day of MY vacation before the boys are home! Yikes, where did the year go? It went by sooooo fast. I am so looking forward to not having to drive them back and forth every day. They don't go to our neighborhood school, I chose to put them in the school where I work, so that means no bus service, no pushing them out the front door while standing in my robe, holding my coffee. I must physically get dressed (well, pj's covered up by sweatpants)and take them myself. It was not that bad, only seemed to be a pain since I finished up preschool.

Knitting is being accomplished. I just keeping going round and round on my ITE IV tote, a few more inches, then I start the decrease and then the pocket and the trim. Should (should) be done soon. I don't think I'll have much goodies to put inside, because I don't know what she likes.

SP10 pal says a box is coming my way soon and I will be very surprised! Maybe she is coming in the box?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

News and Views

Not really, it just sounded nice :)

I am going to turn the heel on the second LL sock tonight! I don't care that it's not going to match the first one, I think I'll send them to sister who doesn't mind when things don't match! (not really) I'll keep them, I love the yarn.

Then I need to make 3 pairs of CF anklets for my friend and finish up my ITE IV tote. I did a lot of work on it this weekend, even worked on it Saturday (Knit in Public Day). I was the only one knitting at the baseball game. 12" of round and round, I think I'm at 8 or 9".

I've joined another swap, the Notions Bag Swap, my SP10 pal told me about it, her friend is running it, so I joined. Got my pal's name tonight.

Still waiting on 2 packages, one is coming from England, hopefully this week, the other, I don't really know, I lost my upstream's name, and I haven't heard anything since the "hello I am your pal" email. Maybe this week.

Really loving the podcasts! But that Socksinthecity is DANGEROUS!! I finally broke down and went to Etsy; and bought some pretty pretty yarn, hopefully that will come this week and I'll post pictures.

Off to get the boys in bed; this is THE LAST WEEK OF MY VACATION, school is out on Friday. We did join the pool today, so I know where I'll be spending lots of time :)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stripey VS. Blotchy

OK, I don't know what to do. The first LL sock came out all nice and stripey-like. The second sock is coming out more blotches of colors, and the colors are not exactly the same. The red is more vibrant in the 1st, and there seems to be more brown in the 2nd. I have no idea if they are the same dye-lot, can't find the other tag, but this is the yarn my hubby bought for me in CA, and I'm hoping the ladies at the yarn store would have checked to make sure the two skeins matched. So when I'm finished, I will have a pair of socks that are basically the same color but they will not "MATCH" each other. I am big on matching, things must match, they must look the same (very Type A, that is me :)
UUUGGGGHHHHH all the time put into these socks.

WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??? and do not even think for one second that I am going to frog this 2nd sock. I want to be done and move on...I treated myself yesterday to some Koigu.

I think I should just stay away from any type of patterning sock yarn, I can never ever get them to match, even when I find the pattern and try to match. Solid colors only for me.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Yesterday evening the sock mojo fairy paid me a visit, I just started knitting and kept moving along at top speed (maybe that socks in the city podcast helped? I just found her and I love the podcast). But looked what I did, the LL sock is finished!! See how beautiful it is? and it fits like a dream :)

Here are the specifics:
Started: I don't recall, maybe March??
Finished: Monday, June 4, 4:10 pm
Pattern: Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, Lichen Ribbed Sock
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Color 107 Red Rover
Needles: size 1 dpn

Only a few modifications to the pattern, I did 7" on the leg (not 8 1/2") and for some reason, I picked up additional stitch so on the gusset I had to do 1 additional decrease.

I love it!!
Now, off to cast on for the mate before I lose the sock mojo :)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Finally....something is finished!

Here are some CF socks for my friend, she didn't want anklets, so I used two different colors and made them taller! How cute. I have some yarn left, so I guess I could have made them even taller.
Now, off to finish that LL sock (but not the mate) and cast on for my ITE IV tote!
Happy weekend.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Trouble with a capitol "T"

Have you seen this??
Could be BIG BIG trouble :)