Monday, June 25, 2007

Is this a problem?

I was going through the stash the other day, and this is how much sock yarn I have! If you count, I think there are 19 pairs!! Oh my, earlier this year I was on a yarn diet (I don't think it worked, even though I pledged to not buy myself any yarn, I was in 4 swaps, so my stash grew!). This time I'm serious, no more sock yarn (see how I get around that) though, technically I am only making socks, and I buy the other yarn as needed per project.
My ITE IV tote is drying, I think I need to re-make the pocket, I didn't follow the directions and it is too large (it did shrink during felting, but it is still larger than the bag) I'll give that a few days. I've finally found the bag I'm going to make for the Notion Bag Swap here.
I'm going to test it out today. And my friend LaurieC is back from vacation today! Yipee. I really missed her!


Knittin' Diva said...

Hehehehe.....that's worse than me! Now I don't feel so bad. Better get knittin'!
I love the pattern for that little notions bag. Might have to make some of those up too.....good way to use up stash yarn.

lauriec said...

awwww! I missed you too! Sniff!

I think you're off to a fine start on your sock stash! Build Leslie, Build!!!