Sunday, June 10, 2007

News and Views

Not really, it just sounded nice :)

I am going to turn the heel on the second LL sock tonight! I don't care that it's not going to match the first one, I think I'll send them to sister who doesn't mind when things don't match! (not really) I'll keep them, I love the yarn.

Then I need to make 3 pairs of CF anklets for my friend and finish up my ITE IV tote. I did a lot of work on it this weekend, even worked on it Saturday (Knit in Public Day). I was the only one knitting at the baseball game. 12" of round and round, I think I'm at 8 or 9".

I've joined another swap, the Notions Bag Swap, my SP10 pal told me about it, her friend is running it, so I joined. Got my pal's name tonight.

Still waiting on 2 packages, one is coming from England, hopefully this week, the other, I don't really know, I lost my upstream's name, and I haven't heard anything since the "hello I am your pal" email. Maybe this week.

Really loving the podcasts! But that Socksinthecity is DANGEROUS!! I finally broke down and went to Etsy; and bought some pretty pretty yarn, hopefully that will come this week and I'll post pictures.

Off to get the boys in bed; this is THE LAST WEEK OF MY VACATION, school is out on Friday. We did join the pool today, so I know where I'll be spending lots of time :)

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