Wednesday, June 27, 2007

No pool = lots of knitting

Not a lot of pool time this week, so I did a lot of knitting! I did a test bag and it worked out fine, so I made the real bag yesterday/today for the Notions Bag Swap, isn't it the cutest thing? Now I need to find a magnet to include in the package.
I finished all the pieces for the ITE IV tote, just waiting for it to dry so I can put it together.
I even cast on for a pair of CF socks for me! I was going to use Trek Casts On Pilchard socks, but they were TOO BIG. I frogged them and I'll just use my handy dandy anklet pattern, but make them taller.
I've been scouring for patterns for the rest of my sock yarn, I think I will try the Monkey and Jaywalker Socks that are all over the knitting blog world.
Big weather changes today, finally some rain (big thunderstorms) but it has been a month since we've had any rain.


knitgirl63 (Patty) said...

Your bags turned out great - and you weren't sure you could get them both done in time. Ha - told you so. :-)

Jen said...

Oh I love your bags! They are too cute.


P.S. I came to your blog through the Socks in the City blog. :)