Thursday, June 14, 2007

Double the fun!

Here are 2 packages I received yesterday.
First is my Stitch marker swap pal, Nicola, from England. She personally dyed this yarn for me :) see the beautiful green color! It also has yellow and white. It is Blue Faced Leicester laceweight, I'm looking for a pattern for a shawl or stole, any ideas out there? Also received some adorable stitch markers, all shoe related (in green) and some English chocolate that was total liquid upon delivery. It is in the fridge trying to regain its shape!
The second package is from my Swap-bot small knit kit pal Terry-Jo. I received 2 skeins of CF Mardi Gras, sock patter, needles, stitch holder and my favorite gum. Plus a cute little bag to hold the socks while they are being made up!
Thanks to both of you! Off I go to finish my current projects, LL sock #2 and the ITE IV tote.


Knittin' Diva said...

That green IS gorgeous. How many yards is it? Knit Picks has a beautiful candle light scarf pattern (free of course). But, it takes 400 yards. It's one I'm getting ready to cast soon as I finish ITE.

LeslieJ said...

Her note says it is 1200m, think that's enough? Thanks for the tip!