Monday, June 01, 2009

Holy Crud!!

That is some fast knitting! I knit all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I finished the body of the FLS and now I'm off to do the sleeves. They seem to be too wide, so I am canvasing the forum on Ravelry to try and figure out how to fix them. I'm pretty sure I can just decrease the 7 additional stitches that were added under the arms...but how and when??

This is just the cutest thing! I've made notes for the next one...things I don't like so much that I will change :)

Hockey is over, final father/son game yesterday, the son's won :). Now we have a 2 month break, but the void is being filled by a new sport: lacrosse. About 1/2 the hockey team has signed up, so we will still see everyone all summer YEA

11 full days and 2 1/2 days until school is out for summer. Personally, I think my kids have already checked out, I know I have :)

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