Monday, March 26, 2007

Scrapbooking - What's that???

Saturday was a very fun day. I went scrapbooking with my good friend Amy. I used to scrap all the time (bk - before knitting), so I had quite a bit to do. Both hubby and kids have been complaining that there was nothing new in their books.
So I packed up what I had, and off we went. We used to go on these 3 day scraps, but this was just one day benefiting Breast Cancer. We went to Scrapbook Memories, the owner donated the space, so the fee went directly to the Run for the Cure. Great cause, Amy is a breast cancer survivor :), I met her at preschool, our kids went through the 3's and 4's together, and we've stayed friends ever since, our kids even have the same name; Kevin. So they were Kevin Mc and Kevin J. My guy still goes by Kevin J. Also, she is the one who got me hooked on scrappin'!!!
You're probably wondering if I'm still knitting, all these posts about packages, but no posts on knitting. Yes, I have started a pair of socks with the yummy Lorna's Laces, the red one, slow going as it is like knitting with thread on toothpicks! I'm going to start another quick project to send to my sp10 pal.

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Hello, hello, hello!

Thought I'd add to your package count - I just mailed a box to you today that should arrive early next week. They thought it could be Saturday but it might not be until Monday. It's a fun box, keep an eye out for it. :-)

Your SP10 Pal!