Thursday, April 09, 2009

Baseball is back................and so is the

knitting!!! Imagine that, nothing to do but sit and watch baseball and the knitting mojo decides to kick in!! Because, you know, you cannot watch hockey (too much action) and knit at the same time. Well, I can't anyway.

I was all over Ravelry yesterday trying to find something to make with all this gorgeous Shepherd's Mill Wool that I got last Friday. I was going to make the Celtic Tote, but too.much.thinking., even with baseball. So I was going to make the Vermont Felted Bag...that didn't work out, but sisters annabanana will be receiving a nice blanket/rug for her dolls. I decided on this bag. More details as it progresses.

When I wasn't on Ravelry, it was time to transplant the tomato plants! Look how much they've grown. We have 11 plants, some are going to mother and some to sister. I am not that crazy that I need 11 tomato plants, especially since no one else eats them! I told son #1 "YOU WILL EAT THESE"

Oh, hubby's boss asked how the "vacation" was. Hubby replied, it was no Mexico.
So boss says, "want to go to Cozumel next year?"
Heck yea!! So, I think we are going back.


sister said...

glad to see the tomato plants are growing, but I had to tip myself over to view the picture :-)

And daughter will be oh so happy to receive a blanky.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture! If your giving away tomato plants, we would be happy to take several off your hands! Oh, since we went to the winter vacation with you this year does that mean we get to go to warm vacation next year with you????? HA!