Sunday, April 19, 2009

When scrapping and hockey collide

or, why does my family have to follow me when I go away????

Sister and I have had a scrapping weekend set up for the past 2 months. Just last week, son #1's spring hockey team signed up for a tournament in a city close to where I was going (alone.with no kids.just sister). uuuggghhh
I was able to see the 1st game, as it was on the way to where I was going, and sister wasn't going to be in town until about 8. Games 2 and 3 were at the same place, but no way was I leaving the scrap for hockey, I haven't scrapped for over a year.
Yesterday I get a call
"we are in the finals in (city where I am)"!!! 10:30am, are you going to come mom??"
Of course I will be there. We asked around and get this....
the rink is right behind our hotel.
No plans were made for scrapping today, I finished all that I had brought with me,
so, the scrapping is done, sister is leaving and I'll be at my 2nd home, the rink :)

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