Friday, March 27, 2009

The one where a complete stranger

Here is the photo of my hair cut. Funny thing is, I'm due to go in on Friday!! So hopefully she cuts it the same way, because it took 3 tries last time to get it right!!!

gives me a compliment!
So I am at Sam's today, pumping gas, when I hear behind me:
"Excuse me, can I tell you something? I REALLY like your haircut, it is really nice"

Thank you so much! The lady that works in the little house out by the gas pumps came out from behind her glass and out into the sunshine to say this to me.
It made my day. I was sure to give kudo's to my hairdresser :) yea you!!


lauriec said...

You realize that you can't post something like this w/out a pic of your haircut!

Compliments like that really make you feel good, don't they?!

Jeanne said...

You do have a great haircut! Compliments sure make our day no matter who they come from.