Saturday, March 07, 2009

The one in which the entire hockey team goes

out after practice to celebrate 3 birthdays and I end up coming home with 2 extra kids.
Son #2's hockey team in THE BEST, we all get along very well, we like going out after games/practices to partake in a few beverages. Last night was no exception.
We have the most wonderful team manager, gknee, she is the one who makes sure the evening goes off without a hitch. And she does this almost.every.week.
Since last September, when the season started.
So, last night was her son's birthday, it was also another player's birthday this past week and Son #1's birthday is next week. Her son wanted his party at BW3's and she/he was kind enough to let the other boys celebrate with him. There was one big cake and singing and lots of merriment.

Must I confess that we started the merriment at 5:30 while the boys were at practice?
Back to the extra kids....after the evening of merriment is over (not just tonight, but every Friday), the boys like to pester their "beveraged up" parents for sleepovers, with the players changing houses willy-nilly. Son #2 had already asked for P1 to sleepover, he was not coming to practice, P2 had to back out after parental figure said no. P3 and P4 were readily available (I guess they were a package deal). Fortunately for me, Son #1 gets along well with P3's sibling, so I only agreed to the terms if Son #1 went home with P3. All was arranged and we went on our merry way.
If you've ever had a hockey player, you know what they do. They play mini-sticks in your basement until 2:30AM. Never mind that they are spending the entire day at your house on Saturday, no, they must play into the wee hours of the morning.

I must be out of my mind.
Oh, and hubby is gone to a seminar and won't return until this afternoon.
Just me.
and 3 hockey players.
and rain.

Here is an updated photo of the tomato plants. They really started taking off last Tuesday, after I decided they needed to be watered.

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sister said...

you should put on your rain boots and dance around to 80's music :-)