Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The one with all the stress

1-teaching preschool today, never had to teach this day before, it was Easter egg coloring day and 3 painting projects. uuugggghhh I did survive, thanks to all the hardworking moms and my replacement.
2-printer issues. massive headache yesterday after trying for 4 hours to fix a network issue. For some reason, all that hard work in Jan/Feb was for nothing as I was kicked out of my own network and now I can't print.
so I ordered new wireless printer today, sister will get the old one, which is not even a year old.
3-all my fans wanting to know about new posts, boy I sure feel "famous", this one is for you guys!!

Finally, here are the tomato plants.

1 comment:

sister said...

plants are looking Yum-O. Can hardly wait for summer :-)