Saturday, March 14, 2009

The one where I am home......alone

Due to a scheduling glitch (my sickness),
I am home.
by myself.
with no one.
How did this happen?

Son #1 and hubby are out of town at hockey tournament. Son #2 is at a friend's house. I had to work at preschool this morning, so after practice last night, he went home with a friend (as there would be no one to watch him this morning). I was invited to play cards tonight, so I asked if they could keep him another night.

Well, the sickness I have contracted has made me:
1) sneeze
2) blow nose
3) wash hands
4) repeat, many many times.

So I bowed out of cards, called friends to let them know I could get son #2 and bring him home, son #2 says: "no, I want to stay here".

So I went grocery shopping, did a load of laundry, and now I am having dinner;
beer and popcorn. Yum
Then I'm going to watch a movie.
Then off to bed.
Life is good.

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