Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Such is the life in the knitting blog world! You find something you can't live without, so you pass it on to all your friends! HA.
No wonder my stash keeps growing and growing!
BetteM has pointed me in the direction of more sock yarn here.
I've been to The Loopy Ewe for a GORGEOUS shade of green Lorna's Laces.
And I ordered the book Favorite Socks .

It seems I have all this yarn, yet no patterns in which to make I've been cruising the net trying to find the perfect pattern for the yarn.

Oh yes, I have lots of books, courtesy of all my pals, and certian ones are marked for some of the yarn, but alas, I have enought yarn for 19 pairs of socks!! And I cannot make the same pair of socks each time. So, a different pattern must be found for each yarn.

And the new Harry Potter book comes next week, what shall I do?? Knit or read?

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Knittin' Diva said...

Haven't you learned to knit and read at the same time yet????? (he he)