Friday, July 27, 2007

Headed to the U.P.

We are headed off on a family vacation. I have not done laundry, so no packing has been attempted. I will do laundry today and tomorrow, then pack tomorrow evening.

I do have the following ready in my handy dandy felted tote from BetteM:

newly cast on CF sock
newly cast on Waving Lace sock
newly newly (yes twice, due to mutliple froggings) cast on Jigsaw Lace sock
ipod loaded with podcasts
2 magazines
2 word search books
Hopefully enough to last 1 week of vacation.
Should I take more? Maybe just the panda cotton in case I finish everything?

Update: son #1 did not need surgery, cast for 3 weeks, follow up, x-ray, maybe cast again for 3 weeks; cutting it very close to the start of hockey season. The cast is waterproof (bonus) so he can have some fun on vacation, and we can go back to the pool!


lauriec said...

Have a wonderful time!! And YAY on the no surgery!!!

Knittin' Diva said...

Sounds like you've got plenty to keep you busy. So glad to hear no surgery. Hope his wrist is strong enough for hockey. Knit on, and have a drink for me ;-)

vegasangelbrat said...

Good deal on no surgery :)
Hope you have a great vacation!!! Enjoy your time away!!