Wednesday, October 10, 2007


What a headache I had last night! I had to teach preschool yesterday, my teacher's husband retired at the beginning of the month, and they celebrated (rightly so) by going on a vacation. Usually I do not have to teach the class until later in the year (March) and the kids are used to the routine, etc etc. All in all, it went fine (that's what everyone told me) but by 7:00 last night, I had the WORST tension headache, the entire right side of my head. But today it is fine :)

Progress is being made on mother's socks AND my monkey socks. In order to rationalize making myself socks, but not at the expense of mother, I have to knit an equal amount on both socks. I did really well on Sun and Mon, but yesterday with the headache and my fingers hurting (from all that knitting) nother (what is nother??) nothing was done. I have 3 rounds of the monkey completed and 4 1/2 (of the 5 1/2) rounds of mother's sock completed!


Anonymous said...

HELLO to my new SP11 pal!
Can't wait to read your blog and get to know you!

LeslieJ said...

hello to you too :)