Monday, October 29, 2007


Sat. am - flu shots, hop in car, drive 3 hours to Holland
Sat. pm - watch nerve racking game (tied) meet hubby's college roommate and family for late lunch, go to cool yarn store, buy sock yarn, go to very nice (NON SMOKING) bar, drink, back to hotel.
kids swim, parent's party, lights out for kids 9:30, parent's continue to party
Sun am (early) - up and get to the rink for semi finals, win nail biter, have 3 hours downtime until final game.
Sun pm - eat lunch, final game, lose, son #2 gets medal and t-shirt (all is well), drive 3 hours home, laundry awaits etc etc etc.

no knitting to report.
SP11 package received :)

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