Friday, October 05, 2007

so much fun

Here is the monkey box I sent out to Jane, she loved them and they fit! It was very nerve-racking making socks for someone else! But I did it and I learned how to make a short-row heel.

And what can I say about Ravelry! I have ignored my blog, and I apologize. There is just so much interesting stuff to do! I have upload all the stash and the 2 (yes, only 2) WIP's that I have going. Then you have to do all that surfing to find friends and projects and yarn stash to acquire :)

Well, I am just about done with sock #1 for mother. She was here today and I have the correct lenght, so I will begin the toe decrease. Then quick cast on the mate, then I can get to making me some socks!

I cannot wait to cast on the yarn sent by BetteM to make my own pair of Monkey's! My pal says she is working on mine and they should be coming soon.

I've not heard a peep from my upstream sp11 pal, I hope you are ok...please let me know, I've been very worried about you!

Well, off to the hockeyrink, thank goodness, as it is 88 degrees! Yes, it is October, what is going on with the weather. And, of course, next week, fieldtrip to the farm with preschool, 60's and rain.

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Patty said...

Your Monkey socks are really pretty! Nice job!!