Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My sp10 the best

Now, mind you, this is the pal I send packages to, she figured me out a while ago, and she has been sending me packages!! Is she great or what? This latest package was for Mother's Day - a great magazine, stitch markers, smelly soap (she makes it), a bath mitt and car air freshener.
The boys have stolen the mitt, they say it makes a great goalie glove! Oh well.

This next week will bring lots of mail to my inbox: ITE IV pal, swap-bot pal and stitch marker pal! YES, means more packages arriving for me! I will be sending my dishcloth for the Yahoo exchange on Friday.

Who wants to take a guess as to how I'll be spending this Mother's Day? Yes, hockey rink! 10am game and then hopefully a championship playoff game at 1pm.

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vegasangelbrat said...

Lots of nice goodies!!! Hate to do this but you've been Tagged!! Come visit my blog. I got double