Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Endings

This is going to be long....

Can you believe it? Hockey is over, we had our final game last night. Now we are hockey free until....................June 5. HA, the boys are skating once a week in June & July, because you know, the season never really ends :) and then we are back to training camp early August. Oh well, I will savor in my 5 rink-free days. Back to cooking every night, oh, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays (baseball).

Yesterday was also the last day of Preschool, we had our "Teddy Bear Picnic". All the classes were there, playing games, eatting lunch and saying goodbye to friends. Some are off to kindergarten, some are off to different preschools and some are off to different teachers (but within the same preschool). I had a GREAT first year and I'm looking forward to a whole new batch of children next year. I couldn't have done it without all the love and support and friendship of everyone in my classes, so THANK YOU to all the moms and Mrs. T too!

SP10 is also winding down, I think June 15 is the end. I've had a great time, even though my pal figured me out early on, I still had tons of fun making up her packages and sending her notes. My upstream pal has been very secretive, she finally will reveal herself (I think) in the last package.

I've sent off my swap-bot small knit kit to Chile, should be there in 5-10 days, I'm waiting for my package. I know LaurieC received my beaded stitch marker package, my package is coming from England, so I know it will take awhile.

ITE IV matches were sent out earlier this week, I've been in contact with both up and downstream pals :) I'm bouncing back and forth between 3 patterns, I'll have to chose today, as I'm off to the LYS to buy the yarn.

Comerica Park is participating in Stitch & Pitch this year!! YES, I've got my ticket for the Sept 9 game vs. Seattle. It's going to be a blast, hope the weather is nice and the Tigers are winning. I have no knitting friends locally, would any of you cyber-pals like to make a trip to up for this fantastic event?? It'll be fun.

And finally, I am knitting, I have 2 different socks on the needles, that darn LL sock, I have turned the heel, finished the gusset and am making my way down the foot. I can't even believe I'm going to have to make the mate uugghh
I've also got some Cascade Fixation going from my friend, she wanted taller than the ankles, so I'm making 2-tone, very cute, I'll post when finished. Then my friend, the chef, wants me to make the ankle socks for her and her daughter. And if that's not enough, I even bought more yarn to try the Magic Loop method. I really need help here, does anyone have a pattern for easy Magic Loop socks? I'm not sure I'll be able to translate a regular pattern (all that changing needles and etc.) Let me know if you do.

There, that's it! Told you it was long. Since I'm not working T/Th/F anymore, my second grader wants me to come have lunch with him, so I'm off for popcorn chicken!

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