Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Electronic issues

I have been having MAJOR electronic issues these past few days. Computer has been "iffy" too many updates and it doesn't like to work.

I had purchased myself a brand new ipod nano last Monday, it decided to stop working today (or yesterday or Monday after I loaded the KnitPicks podcast) needless to say, I was at the gym, ready to get on the treadmill and the darn thing was stuck between 2 screens.

I came home and tried everything listed on the Apple website to make it work, nada no good zippo. Called Apple, explained the situation, and the girl makes me go through EVERYTHING I HAD JUST DONE!! Finally she realized it was majorly messed up and said I could return it to Target for a new one.

After working all afternoon to get this new one going, I think the original one I had purchased had been returned...hmmmmmm maybe because it didn't work properly?

Anyway, funny story, I had purchased the lime green one (HA you even had to ask) and the original Target store had only pink, silver or black, would I care for one of those? I said, Miss, see what I'm wearing (lime green shirt, green ring, fancy green bracelet from my sp10 downstream and my green keychain) do you think I want pink or green or silver? I think not. :) So I had to call another Target and put the only green one they had in stock, on hold (see, green is everyone's favorite color).

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jopal said...

I have an IPOD video and about a month ago the light went out on my screen. Major heart palpatations!!
It had cost me an arm and a leg and I love it. It has major music,and videos on it. Tried everything they recommend, called my son in law who is computer genius no luck. We have an APPLE store nearby where I bought it so I took my self and my IPOD there. They also went thru everything I had done with no better luck. Then he said "oh well, I will just have to give you a new one" Wow! Was I happy! I had taken out a service plan. My IPOD is over a year old. Was worth every penny for that plan!