Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So much to do

So, I had nothing to knit a few days ago, and now I have so much to do...

I wrote about Project Compassion, I have started on my 8 x 8 squares. I found a listing of different stitch patterns, so I won't be doing the boring ole garter stitch again and again. The first square (oh yes, I plan on doing more than 1 square) is garter slip stich. Very easy and quick to knit up, I finished 1/2 of the square yesterday, started it at the hockeyrink before the game and then knit a bunch last night.

I have signed up for the following swaps/exchanges:

Winter scarf knit kit swap - sign up until January 31, send by Feb 20 *don't have to knit, just send all the materials necessary and also some goodies, need favorite colors

International Tote Exchange III - sign up until January 24, send by March 19 *have to make and send goodies

Monthly discloth exchange - sign up until January 31, send by Feb 20 *have to knit and send goodies...need favorite colors

So, do you see the problem I have??? I cannot start to put together any of the packages until at least early February...and then they all need to go out at the same time....oh well, that is the fun of the swaps. I have a few ideas for the scarf swap, just need to wait on favorite colors.

And finally............drum roll please.........I have made my first sock YEA!!! it was not scary at all, it was quite fun. Granted it was just the class sock (Sensational Knitted Socks), but I am ready to move forward (okay, after I do the squares).


Jane said...

Congratulations on your first sock!!! You will become addicted.

Jane said...

Oh - I also signed up for Project Compassion, although I haven't started a square yet. I plan to do different patterns too - a good way to practice, and for a good cause as well.

lauriec said...

I am so proud of you!!! Cannot wait to meet it's mate!

I'm doing the TEIII & dishcloth swaps too. I'm looking forward to both---have a couple patterns in mind for the TEIII & might do the round Mason-Dixon Knitting cloth or another pattern.

I just need colors!!

Rohanknitter said...

Good job! Now you are off and running! Was the book easy to follow? I need to do that "class sock" but haven't gotten around to it yet.