Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Back to the old grind

Well, back to school for the kids (NONE to happy) and back to work (tomorrow) for me.

We actually went out for NYE...and got home at 12:30, took all day yesterday to recover. Here we are, a little before midnight. Went out to dinner with friends and then to the Red Wings game.

My resolutions (for knitting) are to make socks (waiting on special order Addi Turbos) and make myself a sweater (need to buy more Addi Turbos, so not in such a big hurry).

The Whoduknit group is going to do an entralac KAL, so I'll participate in that also.

Made a different style purse, not happy with the way the felting came out, the lighter yarn did not shrink as much as the darker, but it is usable. Also made some small felted bowls with stock yarn.

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