Monday, January 22, 2007

How long to make a sock??

Yeah!!! This is how much of the 1st sock I completed yesterday, and I mean, this was all day; with a break for lunch, making dinner and putting kids to bed. I hope I have enough yarn....small needles (4) and thin yarn. But I love the way it is working up, it is very addicting.

Thanks Laurie!! Laurie was my pal in the Winterwonderland Swap, and she knew that I wanted to make socks! She sent me this yarn and a calendar with sock patterns.

Oh my, hockey playoff schedule and scrimmages received this morning...Along with our regular practice schedule of Mon/Thurs/Sat, we now have games Jan 28, Feb 1, Feb 12, March 3 (2 games, home/home against Jackson), March 5, March 6, March 10, March 11...phew, and that is only Son #1, add in Son #2's schedule, plus tennis and floor hockey...I don't even want to think about it :). Some of those games are our scheduled ice time, so no practice, just game. Such is the life of a hockey mom.
Here is another knitting project, courtesy of the Yarn Harlot

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