Friday, November 02, 2007

Finally a minute

To upload some photos.
This is what I received from my "NEW" sp11 pal :). 2 great knitting books, 1 for socks and 1 for answers to all those questions, good luck stitch markers and a great notepad. Thanks so much!

Here is son #2, Mr. Bling for halloween.

And, here is son #1, some scary zombie skeleton type person.

Busy day today, kids are off, but I still have to work, they are going to a friends house for the afternoon. Then SISTER is coming into town, we are going SCRAPBOOKING this weekend!! Well, tomorrow, from 8am-12 midnight. Hubby wants to know what I will be doing, as I have not taken any pictures :). I will find something to occupy the scrappin time. Must clean house and get everything together for tomorrow and start packing for son #1, he is going to camp Mon-Wed next week.

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