Wednesday, November 28, 2007

monkey 2

Well, I have a finished pair of monkeys!! They don't match, but I am calling them a pair. They were made "no purl"; the sock on the top, size 2 dpn's.. too big and loose, sock on the bottom was made with 2 circs; size 1 PERFECT FIT!! So now, I need to make a 3rd sock so I have an actual pair :) which will not be a problem as I have TONS of yarn left; Tofutsies. Don't know when I'll make it though, I must concentrate and finish the felted fair isle tote. Then off to make more socks, I received some yarn wayyyyyyy back in January, going to make some chevron socks (hopefully).

On the swap front; I have sent my final SP11 package to Jen. She emailed to say she received it, just waiting for pictures on her blog (as I forgot to take any!)

Now, if only I would hear from my sp11 pal........last day of this round is Friday and I haven't heard from her lately............

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