Monday, August 27, 2007

Major rip-out-itis

I seem to have a case of bad-knitting-karma. I just frogged the most recent pair of socks I was making out of Panda Cotton. I had tried to make a different sock from this same yarn earlier this summer, and had to frog it, so I don't think it was meant for me to make socks from this particular yarn. This sock was not going well either and in a fit, I tossed the entire sock in the garbage, put the other skein in the stash, and never looked back. So sad, as they were soft and they were going to be for my mom. She did buy some LL on our Chicago trip, I have a pattern picked out, and hopefully all will go well!
Hoping to receive my Monkey sock swap pal soon, as it is back to work and school next week BUMMER so knitting time will be greatly reduced.

These socks were finished 2 weeks ago, pattern: Crusoe (Knitty) yarn: Koigu - before the bad karma kicked in.

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MonkeyPal said...

Hey there Monkey Pal! I just got my assignment and YOU are going to be the lucky recipient of my fabulous Monkeys! Now I just have to do some research on your blog and find out what you might like. I'm excited!