Tuesday, August 14, 2007

And the countdown begins....

We are just 3 short weeks from the start of school and HOCKEY! Well, son #2 started hockey first of August (missed 2 practices as we were on vacation). I can't believe how fast this summer as gone! All I've done is sit and knit :) and read and do laundry...how great is that?
The knitting will be greatly scaled back come September, I do have those 2 jobs to do remember? Lunch lady and pre-school asst? Yes, back to work (and back to $$$)
Here's a picture from our U.P. vacation, the mini "Big Mac" made from an erector set, very cool.
Well, SP11 is up and running, I've been in contact with both pals, so this is going to be fun.
On the sock front, I have SSS - scattered sock syndrome! I have 3 socks finished, 1 of a pair of 3 different patterns; waving lace, Lion self-striping, and Koigo Crusoe. I'm debating frogging the entire waving lace sock, as I've just learned to do socks on 2 circ's and I really like it! What do you think?
P.S. You all better sit for this: I am going to scrapbook now, I know, it's been forever...but I have 4 maybe 5 pages to do.@(*^$%^%#@&$#*&($#&**( Stand up again, as I have not scrapbooked in a while, I failed to realize that a) I have no sticky tabs to mount the photos and b) son #2 is in need of a new book. Barnacles, guess I'll have to go shopping.

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