Wednesday, August 29, 2007

all work

Well, it has been all work and no knitting this week. Back to preschool to get it ready for the first day (next week) I've had to take the boys with me so it has hard getting work done there also! But we did manage to get the room all put together for the first orientation, tonight is the last one.
I have yet to start on my monkey socks, waiting for that bad karma to pass (it struck again, this time on a scarf I'm working on, thanks to BetteM!) I'll need to get the yarn balled up at the LYS, hopefully today, and then decide on which needles to use. The pattern is written for dpn's, but I so love the 2 circ's method; which, by the way, there seems to be a shortage of lately!
I've been in contact with me pal, she is very sweet, and I've heard from my pal, she is secretive.
I'll leave you with this lovely picture from vacation; Lac La Belle.


MonkeyPal said...

Don't worry. You have planty of time! I, on the other hand, decided what yarn I am using for your socks, and wound it up just a few minutes ago. So pretty! It's going to be hard giving these socks up, I can already tell.

Secret Pal Me! said...

Here's a wee tidbit: I LOVE the same XM channel. Enough that I often have to change it because, really, does one want a Ronnie James Dio purchase in their iTunes history?

LeslieJ said...

I started my pair last night and boy oh boy, they are fun to knit! I can only give them away knowing that I will be receiving a pair!!

and if you could see what songs I have on the ipod, oh no! the music police would come after me.