Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My dad would be so proud!!!

When my parents bought me my first car ('77 Mercury Cougar), they also bought me a pair of jumper cables. I have never needed to use them. They sat in the plastic bag from Jefferson Beach Marina(we used to have a sailboat). As I bought new cars, the bag was always transferred from the the new. Always the same bag, never having been used.

In June, I had to pick up Mother from the airport, as I was waiting curbside, a gentleman next to me asked if I had jumper cables, he car was dead. I pulled them out of the current car (minivan) and he hooked them up...started up the car and off he went. Very thankful for the help.

Then on Monday, I had to pick up Mother from the airport (again). This time I parked in the cell phone lot. As I was waiting and reading, the gentleman next to me you happen to have jumper cables?? His brand new car would not start. I laughed, saying "Everytime I come to the airport, someone uses my jumper cables. If my dad was still alive, he'd be so proud of me"
He replied, "If my dad was still alive, he'd be so pissed at me".

So dad, I hope you're smiling at me. Thanks!!!

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lauriec said...

You're a good samaritan!