Saturday, September 13, 2008

The coolest thing!

I found out the coolest thing today. You know how you can put Gogurt in the freezer? You can eat them frozen (or put in the kid's lunchbox and by lunchtime it is ready to eat). while looking through the coupons, Whips had a coupon and then on the other page mentioned having it FROZEN!!! You put it in the freezer (for a few hours) then presto, FROZEN YUMMY YOGURT!!

It was great! I've had 2 today :)

Those darn socks are still on the needles. I think 1/2 round of the pattern and then toe decrease.

Not much knitting today, I spent 6 hours inputting the information for the 476 children at the elementary school (I'm in charge of the directory).

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