Monday, August 11, 2008

Stitch N Pitch '08

I went to Stitch N Pitch yesterday at Comerica Park.
It was cold.
It was rainy.
Not much knitting was done.
I knit 8 rounds and almost half of the heel flap on sister2's socks.
Then it was put away. Thankfully SIL thought to tell me to grab a blanket from the van, so we sat under that for the entire game.
The best part? Driving to/from the game with the gal's from My Craft Room in the SUPER DUPER EXTRA LONG Limo!!! Pictures to come later.

Oh yea, the Tigers won, 6-1, or something like that.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you had such crummy weather. Here in Chicagoland it was 79 and beautiful all day. Today is a repeat :-) Maybe the sunshine is headed your way. You're only 300 miles from here......

Sister #1

lauriec said...

Bah, Tigers.

BTW, check out my blog--I nominated you for brilliang blogger!