Thursday, August 14, 2008

photos and a poll

Here are the BareNakedLacy socks for Sister2, using TOFUtsies, black/yellow/plum color.

Here are the Waving Lace 2-at-a-time socks. Yarn is The Great Pumpkin (but I call it nacho cheese dorito) from my friend BetteM. They are super soft.

Here is SIL and myself in front of the SUPER DUPER limo for Stitch N Pitch

And finally, the poll. What color should I paint my front door? I was so happy when we bought the house, the door was painted (I thought) a nice pale shade of green. I have recently been informed that the door is NOT PAINTED, that is the primer, you are supposed to paint over it. I wondered why all the houses in the sub had the same color's because nobody bothered to paint (like me).

Choices are:

deep plum purple
barn red
burnt orange
olive green (would be the "safe" choice)


Anonymous said...

purple is pretty but it would clash with the brick. green is boring; you always do green. Orange would match, but it looks too matchy. That red looks too pink. Go back to Home Depot and find a Red-Orange color that is something in the middle. Probably deeper is better than brighter.

Did that help? xo sister

Anonymous said...

oooo, how about chocolate brown?

ever-so-helpful SISTER!!

Knittin' Diva said...

I would definitely go with burnt orange, but I think I may be a bit biased ;-)