Tuesday, February 06, 2007

WIP update

Dishcloth exchange - sent, not received by partner as of today, mine is on the way to me :)

Scark kit swap - sent yesterday to my downstream partner, no contact by my pal :(

ITE III - tote started, coming along nicely. In contact with both upstream and downstream partners.

Entralac KAL - coming along very nicely, it is very addicting, I purposely did pick it up today, I would get nothing else done.

Signed up for SP10, waiting on confirmation email, then I will post the questionaire.

Signed up for sassy sock yarn exchange on swap-bot, that is later this month.

Kids have been off school for 2 days due to bitter cold weather, wonder if they'll be back tomorrow? Means I have not been to work either, working for the school district does have perks, but I also won't get paid.

Most importantly, most knit socks, going through sock withdrawl, I will cast on as soon as I sign off computer :) Received Patterworks catalog yesterday, must stay far away from computer so I do not order any sock yarn :)

1 comment:

Jane said...

Your scarf is looking good! Don't you just love watching the colors appear as you knit. I think entrelac can be addicting.